The versioning scheme is compliant with the PEP 440 specification.

2.3.0 (2023-12-18)#

  • Dropped support for Python 3.7 and added support for Python 3.12.

  • Changed documentation theme along with other enhancements.

2.2.0 (2023-04-24)#

  • Dropped support for Python 3.6 and added support for Python 3.11.

  • Fixed location of type-checking marker file.

  • Added more classifiers to package configuration.

  • Updated documentation and removed badges from the package description.

  • Updated development configurations and GitHub actions.

  • Changed GitHub username back to @dralshehri and updated related links.

2.1.4 (2022-02-12)#

  • Changed package docstrings to Google style and updated documentation.

  • Updated development workflows and configurations.

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

  • Changed GitHub username to @mhalshehri and updated related links.

2.1.3 (2021-09-24)#

  • Added __version__ attribute to the package.

  • Changed Week rich comparison to return NotImplemented when the second operand is not a Week object.

  • Changed the project structure by converting theepiweeks module into a package.

  • Updated packaging configuration files and local development workflow.

  • Updated documentation structure and theme.

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

2.1.2 (2020-05-24)#

  • Improved exception messages by including the type or value used.

  • Improved PyPI packaging by removing unnecessary files.

  • Updated related tests and documentations.

2.1.1 (2019-06-27)#

  • Fixed some typos.

  • Improved documentation.

2.1.0 (2019-06-26)#

  • Changed the parameter method, which sets how the weeks are numbered, to system for better clarity and intuitive usage.

  • Updated documentation and unit tests.

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

2.0.0 (2019-06-25)#

  • Dropped support for Python 3.5.

  • Added fromstring() classmethod to allow constructing the Week object from a formatted string, for example ‘2019W08’ or ‘201908’.

  • Added cdcformat() method to return a formatted string like the one used by US CDC for epi weeks, for example for week 8 of 2019 it returns ‘201908’.

  • Added daydate() method to return the date of specific weekday for a week.

  • Changed the optional value ‘WHO’ of the parameter method to ‘ISO’.

  • Changed the fromdate() classmethod of Week object to accept a date object as an argument instead of year, month, and day.

  • Made the Week and Year objects hashable.

  • Improved rich comparison methods.

  • Improved input data validation.

  • Updated and improved documentation examples.

  • Updated unit tests.

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

1.0.0 (2018-11-28)#

  • First release.