A Python package to calculate epidemiological weeks using the US CDC (MMWR) and ISO week numbering systems.


  • Support for both the US CDC (MMWR) and ISO week numbering systems.

  • Accurate and tested calculations.

  • Intuitive, clean, and easy-to-use interface.

  • Calculation of the start and end dates of weeks.

  • Iteration of year’s weeks or week’s dates.

  • Rich comparison between weeks.

  • Logical operations for weeks (addition, subtraction and containment).

  • Validation of input data.

  • Works on Python 3.8+ with zero dependencies.

  • Thoroughly tested with 100% test coverage.


To install using pip, run:

pip install epiweeks

To install using conda, run:

conda install -c bioconda epiweeks

Basic Usage#

from epiweeks import Week, Year

week = Week(2019, 1)
# 2019-01-05

for week in Year(2019).iterweeks():
# 2019-01-05
# 2019-01-12
# ...
# 2019-12-21
# 2019-12-28